Rev. Sharpton Admonishes and Prays for Kanye “Slavery Was a Choice” West — Trump’s “Black Man”

Kanye West — Nat Turner he is not. Photo– Commons. Wiki media

Speaking of the “spiritual journey African people are experiencing,” Reverend Al Sharpton referenced Biblical NUMBERS 20 in which GOD admonished Moses to “Speak to the Rock,” as he stood amongst the people in the desert thirsting for water. In his infinite wisdom and unbounded beneficence, GOD instructed Moses to “Speak to the Rock” over there from which refreshing thirst quenching waters would pour forth. Thus, in following exactly as admonished, would be demonstrated the power of what God could do in looking out for his people. However, and whether for his own agenda or showmanship, Moses chose not to speak to but tap the rock twice with his staff. This again, was not the nature of his instruction.

Now, amongst the…

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