Rather than succumb to French colonialists, this African king ordered his guard to kill him

Although the kingdom of Kenedougou, inhabited by the proud people of Sikasso in the 19th century ancient Mali, had since disintegrated just like the strong empires that reigned in several parts of pre-colonial West Africa, its history remains evergreen largely as a result of the leadership provided by the powerful Traore dynasty.

The dynasty presided over the affairs of Kenedougou for quite a period of time, most notable is the role played by Tieba Traore and Babemba Traore, two great personalities of anticolonial resistance.

Tieba and Babemba’s popularity came about not only because they prevented Samori Toure (the founder and leader of the Wassoulou Empire) from invading their domain, but also because for a long time, they resisted French colonialists’ penetration into…

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