Rash of shootings in St. Paul has community leaders pleading ‘Turn yourself in’

And, in the hours after Tuesday’s news conference, another young person was injured in a St. Paul shooting. A male, believed to be a juvenile, was shot in the arm in the area of Rice and Atwater streets about 1:55 p.m., a police spokesman said. No one was immediately arrested.

As of Tuesday morning, 98 people had been shot in St. Paul this year, eight of them fatally, according to police. Community leaders on Tuesday noted that 73 percent of the victims have been black.

The violence has “a lot to do with egos,” said Greg Jackson Sr., co-founder of Down For The Cause.

“Those that are involved need to man up,” he said. “It’s easy to hide in the shadows and in the dark, but enough is enough. We can’t keep senselessly killing one another and think that it’s OK. I have young sons in…

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