Racists Are Hoping That The Police Brutality Protests Will Soon Go Away

Anti-Police brutality that were sparked by the Police killing of George Floyd are now into their 2nd month with no end in sight. The White House has been fenced off from protesters and the president is actively criticizing State Governors and city Mayors over their perceived inability to squash the . Like many other racists who hate the idea of America becoming a land of opportunity for all races, not just whites, he hopes that the ongoing Police brutality will soon go away so that America can go back to its unethical norms.

America is witnessing a level of social unrest that has not been witnessed since the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s but not only are the demonstrations bigger and more wide spread, they are more racially diverse as well. In many cities nationwide, white protesters are outnumbering Blacks two or three to one. The situation has generated a new type of “Elephant in the room” that some are frightened to acknowledge. Some are even skeptical of the sincerity and motives of white protesters but all in all, they welcome the support.

Contrary to popular belief, America is still a very racially divided nation. Americans have been fighting an uphill battle for racial respect and inclusion into American society since the abolition of slavery over 150 years ago. In that , have suffered some of the worst forms of barbarism ever inflicted on humans. White racists who did not agree with Blacks being free, used every excuse they could find to murder men, women, and children. had to segregate and form their own communities for the safety of their families.

When regular whites couldn’t reach us in our communities, they used the Police to “over-see” us. This created a culture of impunity within most Police forces when it came to dealing with people. They continued to murder Black people at will knowing that their system of governance, which includes Judges, Lawyers, and Politicians, would turn a blind eye to the actions of their Police officers. This culture of brutality even infected Black cops who use their authority to take out their own frustrations and psychological problems on their own people.

Back to the protests and the sincerity of its white participants. We are under no illusion about the characteristics of human nature. Most of these white people have not become anti-racists overnight. We know that being a racist or not is not as simple as turning a switch on or off. We also know that the only true enemy of racist ideology is sanity however, sanity is not a universal psychological human endeavor. Sanity requires constant work and reinforcement due to the inequities of life. Insightful Black leaders should think of organizing annual anti-racism marches all throughout America if they want to see lasting change.

The levels of participation by whites and other races in national and global anti-Police brutality protests is mainly due to “heard mentality” but it will ultimately serve to erode the ideologies that encourage racism. Other marginalized racial and social groups are also joining in the protests as a way of giving voice to their own causes but it will also help them to understand that white supremacy can be defeated.    

Racists who are steadfast in their beliefs of eternal white supremacy, hate what they are witnessing. They know that the protests have the ability to infect even their own sympathies so they are going on the offensive. They are gathering with like-minded friends to share and reinforce hate ideology. They are going onto News outlets and Social Media to agitate and spread hate rhetoric. Most of all, they are eagerly waiting for their ideological leader in the White House to take further action using his friends in influential government and Law Enforcement places.

This is all proof that in order to create real change in the world, marches, demonstrations, and protests must not stop. We need to keep our knees on the necks of these racists. 

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