Racist clash over African gangs exposes lies

The lies started on Saturday and haven’t stopped.

At St Kilda beach, in front of less than 200 flag-clad supporters, self-styled patriot Neil Erikson told a whopper.

“These African hoodlums are going ’round raping and pillaging,” he said.

Except they’re not. The first assertion is not supported by any crime statistics, police reports or media coverage. The second assertion suggests Australia is at war — to pillage is to “rob using violence, especially during wartime”.

As a friend and former colleague pointed out over the weekend, the only war being waged in Melbourne is a war with the truth, and Erikson’s weapon is a loudspeaker.

Erikson continued the lies when he told reporters that police removed a Facebook post about the event because “they received so much backlash”.


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