Racial Slur Scrawled On Historic African Burial Ground Monument In New York City

New York City police are searching for the culprit who left hate-filled graffiti last week on the historic African Burial Ground National Monument in Manhattan. The vandal’s message, penned in black marker on a monument plaque, contained a racist slur and suggested black people should be killed.

The offensive graffiti was quickly removed, but community leaders expressed outrage that no one has been apprehended.

“Some lowlife come and on this monument right back here and write ‘kill the N’s.’ You must be out of your mind if you think we’ll remain silent. We want an arrest,” state Assemblyman Charles Barron said on Sunday, according to CBS News.

(A warning to readers: An uncensored image of the racist graffiti is posted below.)

Located steps from City Hall, the monument marks a…

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