Racial slur hurled at African-American woman in Edmonds – By Brian Soergel – Edmonds, WA

By Brian Soergel | Oct 18, 2018

Edmonds experienced another ugly racial incident recently during the annual Write on the Sound conference.

On Saturday, Oct. 6, an African-American woman emailed the Edmonds Diversity Commission to report that, as she was walking down Main Street from the Frances Anderson Center to the Edmonds Theater for the keynote speech, a white man in a car rolled down the window as he drove by and yelled the “N-word” word at her.

“She was upset, of course, and left the entire conference, which was going all weekend long,” said Economic Development Director Patrick Doherty, the City of Edmonds’ liaison to the commission.

Doherty said the City’s Parks and Recreation department contacted the woman and offered sympathy and regret.

“She appreciated the…

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