Quick Quotes and Bad Beats in the Break | 2019 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

There’s no dinner break today; there are just these 20-minute breaks after every two levels. If you don’t need to use the bathroom and already had something to eat, these breaks consist mainly of talking to your friends while waiting for play to resume. Maybe share a bad beat or two if you can find someone to hear you out.

We wandered around in the last break trying to get some quotes from players still in and offering a listening ear to those looking to share their misfortune.

Randy Lew

Lew won a lottery-style promotion this morning, essentially getting a freeroll in a tournament he was already planning on playing: “I feel pretty good about it! I was super excited! I was in the room, and someone said ‘you won the pass!’ That’s such random news. I got the call that I won it, and I was super…

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