Qantas pilots in hospital after vintage plane crash in South Africa


July 12, 2018 11:12:05

A Qantas pilot is in a critical condition in hospital after a vintage plane crash in South Africa that left two other people dead.

Key points:

  • The aircraft that crashed was more than 60 years old, and was soon to be housed in an aviation museum
  • Many of the people on board were believed to be pilots
  • It is not known whether the Qantas pilots were flying the plane

Ross Kelly and Douglas Haywood — both Qantas pilots from Sydney — were among 19 people on board the Convair-340 near Johannesburg when it went down on Tuesday.

The plane crashed through a factory, badly injuring two people, before coming to rest.

One of those patients subsequently died.

An emergency services spokesman described the scene as…

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