Poets Corner: The CCJ – Caribbean News Now


By Bernard Charles

This is a unique institution of Caribbean sovereignty.
We are no longer a colony,
We are not British, and we are not living in England.
So what is the problem?
How many Grenadians know how the Privy Council functions?
Most of the islands gain their independence from Great Britain
This is a remnant of colonialism…
Long overdue – generations!
So what education does the public require?
Did the British clergies on the plantations, teach religion to the slaves masters for their inhumanity?
My people educate yourselves about the “Council of Chalcedon”.
Please do our ancestors and ourselves a favour –
Down with colonial era!
It is irrelevant!
No animosity.
What does this “foreign justice system” know about us?
Are they from Antigua or…

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