Philly Police Chief Copsplains Why 2 Black Men Were Cuffed in Starbucks Viral Video Incident

Photo: Christopher Furlong (Getty Images)

Police across the country just can’t seem to break out their M.O. of enforcing and reinforcing this country’s longstanding, irrational fear of black bodies.

As noted in a recent column, black people are pretty much criminalized for breathing in the United States. (That, and standing, sitting, sleeping, walking, and 45 some other odd “things.”)

Latest case in point: On Thursday, two black real estate agents in Philadelphia were cuffed and led out of a Starbucks—the epitome of loitering space—because employees at the store called the police after the men allegedly wanted to use the bathroom but did not buy anything.

A white barista apparently pulled rank and called the police, one of the most dangerously aggressive things one can do to a black…

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