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Virat Kohli refuses to believe his fellow India batsmen cannot follow his lead and put England under pressure in the second Test at Lord’s.

Kohli was a lone hand in the tourists’ 31-run defeat at Edgbaston – where he made 200 runs, yet none of his team-mates could top 31 in either innings.

But he sees no reason to suspect India are collectively incapable of adapting to conditions which have in any case, despite a break in the heatwave this week, been more akin to Bangalore than Birmingham so far this summer.

Kohli does not suspect any technical issues against the moving ball.

“We should not judge so fast, and jump to conclusions,” he said. “As a team, we keep patience; we don’t judge so fast. We don’t see any pattern.”

Kohli is nonetheless calling on his team to…

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