Opinion | “The Chronicles of Nambia,” or Why Trump Knows Nothing of Africa

His successor, President Cyril Ramaphosa, who took office in February, has embarked on the arduous task of repairing the damage. Ramaphosa is everything Zuma was not: decent, skillful, at heart a constitutionalist. He’s not untainted, and his mandate is not strong, but he’s a serious, smart man who is determined to start over.

There’s talk of “Ramaphoria.” The president is seeking foreign investment, having declared South Africa open for business once again. Certainly, many South Africans feel a long nightmare has come to an end, even if the economy is contracting and unemployment is at 26.7 percent.

Geoff Budlender, a prominent lawyer who was deeply involved in the long struggle against apartheid, told me that “terrible damage has been done.” He spoke of “damaged institutions”…

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