OPINION, Dr. Kenneth Shefsiek: We’re having the wrong debate on monument issue – Opinion – Wilmington Star News

On Aug. 29, the StarNews published an opinion piece by Dr. Chris Fonvielle, recently retired professor of history at UNCW, in which he explained his work on the N.C. Historic Commission’s and its decision not to recommend the removal of the Confederate monuments on the North Carolina Capitol grounds. He explored the causes of the Civil War and the meanings of the monuments as those meanings changed over time. He also discussed at length why he believes the monuments should be preserved, as he did in an Aug. 29 panel discussion on WHQR’s Coastline.

While he explored a variety of reasons why the monuments should be protected, he stressed one in particular: their educational value. Dr. Fonvielle is unquestionably correct when he argues that the monuments can be used for educational…

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