On Africa Trip, First Lady Reveals a Trump-like Side

CAIRO — Back home, Washington was in turmoil, but the first lady had something on her mind.

On one of the most consequential days of her husband’s embattled presidency, as the Senate approved his controversial choice for the Supreme Court, Melania Trump traveled to the edge of this sand-colored city and posed before the Great Sphinx, one hand in the pocket of her men’s-wear-inspired ensemble. Standing with her back against the enigmatic monument, the equally enigmatic first lady did something unusual: She spoke up for herself.

“I wish people would focus on what I do,” an exasperated Mrs. Trump said in rare comments to reporters, “not what I wear.”

Then came the fashion show.

Dressed in a tan blazer, a white shirt and black tie, and palazzo pants, Mrs. Trump stood in the wind against…

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