Obvious Omarosa Says Trump Wants A Race War. We Say YA THINK?

Omarosa has been bearing gifts and receipts for a week, as she trolls the Trump Administration with nonstop grief and secret recordings. As we watch, we wonder, is she merely trying to sell books, or is this also an attempt to retrieve her black card, and be allowed to show up at the Black BBQ during Juneteenth? Knowing Omarosa, it’s probably both since she lost her black card that fateful day when she decided to join the Trump campaign. Regardless, Omarosa showed up on Al Sharpton this weekend telling all of Trump’s business, while also plugging her new book, Unhinged. I like the name because it fits, but are we really willing to forgive this woman for telling us we were going to have to “bow down” to that malignant mandarin orange-colored misogynist who runs around calling himself our…

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