Obesity Rates Increase Nationwide | The Lund Report

Americans are fatter than ever. 

Obesity rates for 2017 released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that all but two states have obesity rates between 25 percent and 29 percent. That includes Oregon and Washington.

The situation is even worse in the middle of the country and across a wide swath of the East Coast, with rates ranging from 30 percent to at least 35 percent. A total of 17 states had obesity rates above 35 percent in 2017, compared with five in 2016 and none in 2012.

Colorado had the lowest obesity rate at 23 percent and West Virginia had the highest — 38 percent.

These data were collected by the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, an ongoing telephone survey conducted by the CDC and state health departments. The height and weight data,…

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