Obama Foundation’s fellows include South African activist and Afghan refugee | US news

Koketso Moeti, a civic activist in South Africa, had kept on putting off her bid for a fellowship at Barack Obama’s foundation. On the last day before the applications deadline, she decided to go for it. “That’s when I got the courage,” she recalled. “I decided I’m going to be brave and bite this bullet. But I didn’t have an internet connection.”

Fortunately a friend at a university in Johannesburg stepped in and she hit the button with just minutes to spare. “It was, ‘I hope nothing goes wrong when I click submit.’ There was this mini-celebration when I got the confirmation.” Now the last-gasp effort has paid off: out of more than 20,000 applicants from 191 countries, Moeti is one of 20 inaugural Obama Foundation fellows.

The announcement, made via the Guardian on…

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