New York City African Burial Ground Monument Defaced With Racist Slur

Police are looking for a vandal who scribbled a racist slur on New York City’s African Burial Ground monument. 

The Lower Manhattan monument marks the spot where as many as 15,000 Africans were buried between 1690 and 1794. The grounds were used because Africans, both enslaved and freed, weren’t allowed to be buried in cemeteries. According to the New York Daily News, the slur was found on a plaque on Thursday evening and removed by workers. The paper reports that police believe the tag was left at around noon that same day. 

The New York Times writes that the graffiti read “Kill” followed by a slur. It is the second such event to make headlines in the city this week after “Kill All Jews” was found on the walls of a Brooklyn synagogue. 

The site’s status as an African burial ground was…

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