New, The Dohgon Number Multiplication System

AfRAkans, have you noticed the many amazing things that’s been happening among our youth? In England a AfRAkan family has the smartest kids in the country with three children becoming the youngest to pass the country’s college level math exam. In America Black children as young as 10 and 12 year old are being accepted into several colleges. One 16yr old girl has even gained a college degree before she has even graduated from high school. Another amazing 8 year old girl is able to speak 7 languages so far.

Wow! Our children are waking up but it’s not a coincidence as others would have us believe. There is a reason why this is happening and there is a way that you can assist this process. All the cases involve close interaction between parent and child in the form of home schooling. When parents pay closer attention and are interactive in their children’s learning great things are bound to happen, as is evident by the examples above.

Education is the process of acquiring knowledge and learning to navigate reality through application. Without the proper applications for specific tasks reality would be difficult and frustrating to navigate. It’s like having a computer and not knowing how to use it. Every parent would love their children to be smart but not everyone is equipped or has the knowledge to help their child. At the Dohgon University of Thought we can give you the tools and show you how to use them.

Professor MOmOh, the man who home schooled his own son and helped him to achieve his PHD at age 25, has developed a new learning system that is designed to help your child awaken his or her hidden talents. This new system involves associating numbers, colors, and the alphabet. He knows that the Mind is different from the Brain and while the Brain works with physical matter, the Mind works with abstract energy.

Using the Dohgon Multiplication Number Wheel System your child will learn to think faster because he/she will eliminate the associating process. Natural Numbers are closer to abstract energy than the alphabet while colors lie in between. By learning how to associate all three your child will learn how to transfer the physical energy that arrives through the senses more quickly into abstract energy so their Minds can apply their applications at a faster rate.

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