New Music Release: Leigh in love with Coconut Oil

Ashleigh ‘Leigh’ Phillips has caught the coconut oil fever and she wants all ladies to do the same. 

The Barbadian songstress’ latest release,”Coconut Oil”, is a ladies’ anthem promoting self-confidence.

The dancehall and soca fusion was produced by Mad Mixy at Diverse Hit Studios and written by Leigh. The song started out as a freestyle at home in Leigh’s bathroom as she was getting ready to go to the studio to work on her upcoming album, Palm Trees.



The track is a new sound being presented by Leigh to her #loveleighs fan base and thus far the response has been extremely positive. Her last release, “Dislocated Love”, was an R&B track but Leigh plans to fuse more of Caribbean sounds into her upcoming album with “Coconut Oil” giving just a taste of what is to come.


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