New Giant Dinosaur Species Discovered in South Africa

An illustration shows Ledumahadi mafube foraging in South Africa. In the foreground sits another South African dinosaur called Heterodontosaurus.

(Viktor Radermacher/University of the ‘Witwatersrand)

A new species of dinosaur that weighed 13 tons and crouched like a cat has been discovered in what is now South Africa.

Ledumahadi mafube, whose name means “giant thunderclap at dawn” in Sesotho — one of South Africa’s 11 official languages — was about twice the size of an African elephant. It lived nearly 200 million years ago. 

The Jurassic plant-eater was described as a “new sauropodomorph” this week in the journal Current Biology by a team of scientists led by University of the Witwatersrand paleontologist Jonah Choiniere.

“The name reflects the great size of…

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