New documentary exposes how foreign aid is actually hurting African women | Blogs

October 31, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Several years ago, my wife and I spent some time in Africa for our honeymoon. One night after she’d gone to sleep in the tent, our safari guide and I stayed up chatting. He was about my age, and was telling me what it was like growing up in Tanzania and about his wife and children. He asked what I did “for a job,” and I explained that I worked in the pro-life movement. 

I still remember the stunned look on his face when I explained that in Canada, abortion was not only legal, but legal until birth. 

“This would never happen here,” he told me, shaking his head sadly.

It was that conversation I thought back to as I watched Obianuju Ekeocha’s new documentary, Strings…

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