Mysterious Nubian stone tablets have been discovered in a vast African ‘city of the dead’

Archaeologists excavating a vast and ancient “city of the dead” in Africa have recovered the largest collection of texts in the mysterious language of the Kushites. Dating back to 2,700 years ago, the find includes extraordinary tablets commemorating the dead.


The items hail from a site called Sedeinga in Sudan, known for the ruins of a temple dedicated to the 14th century BCE Egyptian queen Tiye, the grandmother of Tutankhamun.

But between the 7th century BCE and the 4th century CE, the site was a significant necropolis – city of the dead – for the kingdoms of Napata and Meroe, which mixed Egyptian traditions with their own.

Combined, the two kingdoms were known as the kingdom of Kush by their Egyptian neighbours.

Very little information remains about these cultures, but funerary items can…

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