My Turn: Patrick Fayle: I’m through with the NFL – Opinion –

I have been a huge football fan ever since I began following the Baltimore Colts when I lived in Maryland in the early 1960s. When I moved to Virginia, I followed the Washington Redskins. When the Navy took me to Newport in 1987, I became a New England Patriots fan, and have watched or listened to almost every one of their games since then.

Then in 2016, an African-American football player, Colin Kaepernick, first sat, then knelt, during the playing of the national anthem. He initially said that he did it to give a voice “to the people that are being oppressed.”

That would be the same Colin Kaepernick who was adopted by a white couple who provided him with what can only be described as a fairly comfortable life. That would also be the same Colin Kaepernick who wore a pair of socks…

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