Museveni and African hairstyles

Museveni hosts Miss World Africa, Uganda’s Quiin Abenakyo

THE LAST WORD: Why the President’s emphasis on hairstyles to assert the African identity addresses the form and ignores the substance

THE LAST WORD | Andrew M. Mwenda | On December 30, 2018, President Yoweri Museveni tweeted thanking Miss World Africa, Quiin Abenakyo, for heeding his “advice” to keep her hair “natural”. Museveni claimed that this asserts her “African identity”. “God beautifully created Africans and there is no need to add or subtract anything,” the President tweeted.

I replied saying he had tweeted his comment in English, itself a foreign language, yet he could have done this in Runyankore, Lusoga or Swahili. Many responded saying the President used English to reach all Ugandans…

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