Mum whose baby died in Caribbean ‘told to pay nearly £3,000 or doctors would dispose of body’

A heartbroken British mum claims she was asked for nearly £3,000 by doctors in the Caribbean – or they would dispose of her dead baby’s body when she went into early labour.

Chloe Sullivan and Michael Parrott were on holiday in the Dominican Republic when Chloe, who was several months pregnant, gave birth prematurely on Saturday.

She was taken to a private hospital where she underwent an emergency C-section, but the couple’s son Arlo died shortly after.

The grieving parents say the hospital then gave them a hefty medical bill and threatened to dispose of Arlo’s body if they didn’t make a £2,780 payment that day.

Chloe and Michael, from London, expected to be treated with compassion, but claim they were told they couldn’t leave the medical unit until they had paid the bill, which has since…

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