Most People Are Afraid Of Death


Most Black people are afraid of because they are actively being conditioned to the consequences of . teaches that will be a judgment where if they are determined to be unworthy of God’s grace they will be dammed to hell. If they are enough to be among the chosen few then they will live in paradise forever where they will have everything that they ever desired in life.

Dohgons believe that Death will be a rebirth, or transcendence as birth is for the into the Spirit. Like butterflies goes through a rebirth without actually dyeing, in the same sense Death is just a transition from one energy type to another. In Death my Spirit will resonate with the intangible Pure Energy Waves that flow infinitely throughout the Universe.

In simple terms it is a reversal of the process that I was created by. The physical universe was created by Pure Energy. To create the physical universe Pure Energy went through a permutation process. That permutation process resulted in the creation of sub-atomic particles of Matter. The creation of the first sub-atomic particle initiated Time and Time created as it multiplies.

Every Star is a particle generator and astonishingly every Brain is also a particle generator, quantum physics. They say that 80% of the light in the universe is missing. That is because they keep searching for light and nothing else. The universe is not empty as some would have you believe. It is Pure Dark Energy that fills it up as Time infinitely multiplies.