Mo and Me: African Image-maker Extraordinaire | Ethiopia

Mohamed “Mo” Amin captured Africa’s pain and passion like no other before him.

The Kenyan photographer and front-line news cameraman  trained his unwavering lens on every aspect of African life, bringing some of the continent’s most important stories to the world.

Perhaps his most influential report was his coverage of the 1984 Ethiopian famine, which inspired a collective global conscience and the greatest act of giving in the 20th century through We Are The World, Live Aid, Heal the World and Live 8.

Mo’s remarkable life was cut tragically short in November 1996, when hijackers took over an Ethiopian airliner and forced it to crash-land in the Indian Ocean, killing 123 passengers and crew, including Mo.

By any standards, Mo’s life was truly extraordinary; action-packed, full of pain…

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