Memo from a South African: Peter Dutton is entrenching racist white privilege | Shelley Davidow | Opinion

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the implementation of the racist legislation known as apartheid in South Africa. In 1948, laws were signed into effect that forever changed the lives of South Africans, leaving a devastating legacy, which many of us across the world still live with and struggle against.

I am a white former South African living in Australia, grateful every day for my citizenship. But I am here because, partly, of an unearned privilege. I’m a refugee with a gold-class ticket: I have white skin and I speak fluent received pronunciation English.

Apartheid, literally meaning “apartness”, divided South African citizens based on skin colour. We lived under an appalling caste system from 1948 until 1992, which drew for inspiration on Queensland’s 1897 Aboriginals…

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