Melania Trump’s Outfit Compared to Fictional Nazi Sympathizer on African Tour

Hats are fun, no? They can add a stylish finishing touch to an outfit, express your loyalty to a certain sports team, or in the case of Melania Trump, make everyone wonder if you’re super-into racist cosplay. Never one to admit her sometimes demonstrative outfits intend to send any messages, she spent Friday and Saturday wearing ensembles that, had she just skipped the hats, might not have caused the Internet to call her out for looking like a First Lady-shaped dog whistle.

On Saturday, Trump visited Egypt as the last stop on a week-long African tour. When photos of her posing in front of the pyramids and Great Sphinx of Giza were released, almost immediately, people began mocking her for what she wore: a crisp shirt with a pointed collar, a tie, a khaki blazer, and an off-white fedora with a…

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