Melania Trump dances to African beat, feeds baby elephants

NAIROBI, Kenya – Melania Trump sashayed to the beat of African music as she was welcomed to an orphanage in Kenya on Friday.

Children living at The Nest in Nairobi greeted her with singing and dancing, and it didn’t take long before the typically reserved U.S. first lady gave in to the moment. She walked up a pathway holding hands with two children, then began to sashay to the beat as she approached the building.

She was briefed on the children living at the house for babies. Some of them were abandoned or their parents are incarcerated. She was surrounded by babies either sitting in walkers or lying on their backs beneath play mobiles.

Staff praised her for visiting.

“Thank you for what you do and taking care of them,” Mrs. Trump said, while holding a baby girl originally…

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