Meet Sarah Rector, the 12-year-old who became America’s youngest black millionaire in 1913

With the recent buzz and debate over America’s soon to be youngest ‘ self-made’ billionaire, Kylie Jenner, it makes sense to unearth other notorious rags to riches stories, especially those tied to the country’s African American history.

Meet Sarah Rector, ‘America’s youngest African American millionaire’, who was considered to have been the richest black child known in the world at that time. Her rise to riches and fame is probably one of the most fascinating and insightful stories ever told.

Rector was born in Indian Territory on March 3, 1902. According to sources,  she was considered “colored” though not African American. Her parents were owned by Creek Indians before the Civil War. As the site US Slave explains, she and some 600 other black children…

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