Meet Kimberly Goldson, one of the black women who designed LeBron James’ new Nike sneaker

LeBron James’ new Nike collaboration, “The Strongest,” is a shoe dedicated to black women’s strength. “Being the son, husband and father of strong African-American women, I felt like this was something I wanted to do for them and for all the strong women out there who are succeeding despite what might be stacked against them,” James said Wednesday in a statement via Nike.

The message behind the shoe has already translated to commercial success — it went on sale Friday morning and sold out minutes after. But the project, a reimagining of James’ LeBron 16 sneaker, is groundbreaking in that it’s making more space for black women designers in the mainstream sneaker world.

“What I love about this moment is that we get to be the inspiration that tells young African-American women,…

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