Master AfRAkan Healer Dr. Sebi Killed

On Saturday August 6th 2016 news broke that master AfRAkan healer Dr. Sebi had died in Police custody in Honduras. According to unofficial reports from his supporters and family Dr Sebi died of complications after developing Pneumonia in a Honduran jail where he had spent two weeks awaiting trial for allegedly attempting to smuggle $37,000 into the country. We are saying that Dr. Sebi was killed because for a man of his age and stature to be locked up without access to his proper medication is a crime.

The 82 year old, Dr. Sebi was born in Honduras but migrated to the United States where he used his extensive knowledge of natural herbs, vegetables, and fruits to cure diseases such as AIDS and Cancer. In the seventies he became well known around America for his natural remedies which by the mid 80s got him into trouble with drug companies and establishment regulators. In 1985 the State of New York brought him to court sighting false claims but lost. They couldn’t prove that his natural remedies didn’t work.

Fed up with relentless resistance to most of the things he wanted to do to help people become healthy and disease free Dr. Sebi returned to Honduras where he established a community where sick people could come and be healed using his techniques. Over many decades Dr. Sebi’s reputation for backing up his claims with proof garnered him respect from regular people to celebrities to certified medical Doctors. The only reason why most Doctors were afraid to back him up is because their careers are supported by medical establishment organizations which operate on a capitalist platform.

The conscience of those responsible for his death will transform their bad energy into incurable diseases in order to exact retribution. Rest In Power Dr. Sebi. Dr Sebi Cell Food

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