Make way for the Millbeatz Revolution

There is a new musical movement in Trinidad and Tobago aiming to do something soca has not been able to do on a consistent basis: break into the mainstream market in the United States.

With his debut album, aptly titled The Revolution, producer David Millien aka Millbeatz, has created a new genre of music that he believes has the right formula to position Caribbean music beyond the West Indian market.

The new sound is called Caribbean Wave, a fusion of percussive instruments – Conga drums, snares, Tablas – Hip Hop, Pop and R&B tracks as well as Soca.

The result, as we heard at the listening party on Saturday night at VAS Lounge, St Clair, is 13 tracks of club-friendly tunes, some of which can easily find a home in a Carnival fete or a club in London.

“I think I am an ambassador for the…

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