Make the African American History Museum’s Best Dishes at Home With This New Cookbook


The “Sweet Home Cafe Cookbook” was released Tuesday.

Photograph courtesy of Smithsonian Books.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture’s Sweet Home Cafe has built a following for its celebration of African-American cuisine. Now, with the Sweet Home Cafe Cookbook, you can re-create its sticky pork ribs or spicy pickled okra from your own kitchen.

The cookbook, released Tuesday, corresponds with some of the museum’s exhibits. Curious about the history of Thomas Downing’s NYC oyster pan roast? Head to the Foodways exhibit on the museum’s fourth floor to learn about the New York oysterman whose tavern doubled as a stop on the Underground Railroad. And then, you can make it yourself.

Thomas Downing’s NYC Oyster Pan Roast. Photograph by Scott Suchman


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