Long Live Levern! – St. Lucia News From The Voice St. Lucia

FOR reasons not sufficiently well known, sports items hardly ever make front page news. But there are times when this is simply inescapable — and this is one of those, when Saint Lucia’s very own and lone international athletics star has done it, yet again.

For a third consecutive time, Levern Spencer has won the top prize in the Women’s High Jump division of the Central American and Caribbean Games. In 2010 she won her first Gold in Mayaguez and her second came in Veracruz in 2014.

After placing third in the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi in 2010, she again placed third in Glasgow in 2014 – and earlier this year she won her first Gold for Saint Lucia and the Caribbean on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Same with the Pan American Games: she won the Bronze Medal in Rio in 2007 and all…

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