Locarno Film Festival: Why Africa Deserves More Exposure at Festivals

In this report from the Locarno Critics Academy, Kenyan filmmaker Ng’endo Mukii speaks about African films on the international film festival circuit, as well as the blackness and Africanism that is reflected in her art.

Kenyan Ng’endo Mukii was the only black Sub-Saharan filmmaker showing her film “Yellow Fever” at this year’s Locarno Film Festival. For the duration of the festival, she participated in the Filmmakers Academy, an educational workshop. During a residency with the South African Realness program, Mukii— a mixed-media animator who lives in the Kenyan capital Nairobi—developed the script for her first feature, which is, in her words, “set in Kenya with two girls and a goat and explores coming-of-age themes through the forms of magical realism and the…

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