LKKK: A new face in Curacao’s Parliament?

By Wilson Wisdom

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao — The youngest of all political parties in the 2017 national general elections in Curacao in March 2017 was also led by the youngest political leader in Curacao’s history, Josefina Josepha, who once again could be writing Curacao’s political history, according to a local radio station.

The political party, Liberalismo Klasiko Komunidat di Korsou (LKKK) and its leader has asserted in previous TV and radio interviews, “Now is the time for a change and a new way of how politics and ethical campaigning should be done in Curacao.”

The LKKK leader wrote during the 2017 campaign, “I imagine because so many people and I have spoken, even with a nearly complete media and news blackout they imposed on me (and they know who they are),…

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