LIAT cancels flights as TS Isaac heads to Caribbean

As Tropical Storm Isaac bears down upon some of the Eastern Caribbean, LIAT has announced the cancellation of flights to and from destinations that may be affected. 

The following are flights that have been cancelled for Wednesday,  September 12 

LI 512 from Antigua to St. Kitts

LI 513 from St. Kitts to Antigua

The following flights have been cancelled for Thursday, September 13

LI 773 from Antigua to Dominica
LI 773 from Dominica to Barbados
LI 395 from Trinidad to Antigua
LI 520 from Antigua to St. Kitts
LI 521 from St. Kitts to Antigua 
LI 521 from Antigua to Barbados 
LI 362 from Barbados to Dominica 
LI 362 from Dominica to Antigua 
LI 310 from St. Lucia to Antigua
LI 312 from Antigua to St. Kitts
LI 312 from St. Kitts to St. Maarten
LI 313 from St. Maarten to St. Kitts
LI 313 from St….

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