Letter: We must develop new thinking

Dear Sir:

In the Barbados Advocate newspaper of Friday November 2, 2018, it states at page 1, “Arthur: Sell BNTCL, Hilton”.

This article reports that Mr Owen Arthur, former prime minister of Barbados, states, “Sell the Barbados National Terminal Co Ltd and the Barbados Hilton and stop the heavy taxation.”

Mr Owen Arthur, as ex-prime minister of Barbados, agrees with the principle of selling Barbados-owned companies, including the Barbados National Bank. In this same very article, the newspaper reports: “The respected economist (referring to Mr Arthur) said that he is aware that the sale would be an unpopular decision and mused that he still bears the scars from deciding to sell the Barbados National Bank (BNB) as the minister of finance.” The article continues:…

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