Letter: Rowley to miss UNGA again, while most CARICOM leaders attend

Dear Sir:

For the fourth consecutive year since taking office, Dr Rowley will be a no show at this year’s UN General Assembly, which opens next week at the UN Headquarters in New York and will be attended by over 150 world leaders.

Is it that Dr. Rowley is too scared to engage his peers in meaningful and mutually respectful dialogue and can only function when he is the boss?

Or is it that he has adopted an increasingly isolationist foreign policy given his non-attendance at Wednesday’s signing of a MOU on energy cooperation in Guyana?

By contrast, Dr Rowley appears to be most comfortable with his friend President Maduro, unmindful of the likely consequences for our relations with our main trading partners the US and the EU.

It is most apparent under this PM and the…

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