Letter: Political sensationalism at its worst

Dear Sir:

Friday’s Newsday boldly captioned a story headlined, “Superb Caterers tells Ramdeen: Keep us out of political bacchanal.”

Where in Superb Caterers Statement did they ever, directly or indirectly, tell Senator Ramdeen, “Keep us out of political bacchanal”.

The Newsday created the perception that Superb Caterers, in its statement, that Senator Ramdeen’s statement was fake and was an attempt to mislead the nation.

The fact is that Superb Caterers agreed that the bill is real and their statement went on to say that they consider the matter far less sensational than the media was making this out to be.

Why therefore did Newsday opt to boldly articulate such a headline?

Their reporting on this story has been nothing short of an attempt to create a false…

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