Letter: Minister Gopee-Scoon’s “hold on” remarks are callous and out of touch with reality

Dear Sir:

The minister of trade and industry, Paula Gopee-Scoon’s advice to businesses to “Hold on for another year” is callous and out of touch with reality.

Speaking at the launch of the Gasparillo Chamber of Commerce last Saturday, Minister Gopee-Scoon told the audience present to “hold on for another year or so while we get out of (these trying times)”.

Businesses do not need the minister of trade to tell them to “hold on”. ‘Hold on’ is what every small business owner, which makes up most of the businesses in South and Central Trinidad, have been telling themselves for the past three years. Moreover, they want to hear a concrete plan by the government as to what they are doing to help the economy grow.

Does the minister think people can tell their bank…

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