Letter: Journalists arrested and jailed in Aruba

Dear Sir:

From ‘One Happy Island’, Aruba has become one hell island. This is because the justice department has had four members of the press arrested and two incarcerated.

This is because of some incident with a reporter from 24ora.com, ‘Speed’ Andrade, taking a picture of an elderly man, not having any pants on, at a event at the MEP party centre in Santa Cruz, the party of Prime Minister Evelyn Wever Croes. He was banned from that centre for life, because of publishing that picture.

Before that he had an incident with the president of the parliament Ady Thijsen, also from the same party, because he was doing an interview in the parliament and did not ask for permission to do so (it is normal that journalists just walk through). He questioned Mr Thijsen about some…

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