Letter: Has Ralph Gonsalves created false news to escape scrutiny of his own misdemeanors?

Dear Sir:

Here is a story that I have chosen to write because one of Gonsalves’ cronies in the usual way could not help themselves and bragged to the wrong supposed supporters at Crown Heights during the recent UN meetings in New York, telling what had been arranged to bring down the National Democratic Party (NDP) in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

Early in this story, the readers should be reminded that Dr Ralph E Gonsalves, prime minister of SVG is a serial liar. He even stated in Parliament that “I sometimes tell lies.” In almost every sentence he utters there is a lie or two.

When Gonsalves heard about SCL [formerly Strategic Communication Laboratories] running from the US, he thought he had won the political lottery. In his best political, scientific way,…

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