Letter: ‘Alternative facts’ on Greenvale Development were intentional for political deception, misrepresentation an…

Dear Sir:

Camille Robinson-Regis, minister of planning and development, Arouca/Maloney MP and leader of government business in the House of Representatives, has been deliberately attempting to mislead the population with her brand of “alternative facts” with regards to the Greenvale Development Programme.

Robinson-Regis’s fabrications were intentionally used for the purpose of political deception, misrepresentation and distortion of the facts and begs the questions: is it acceptable for a minister knowingly to mislead the country; are there any repercussions; can the country trust the explanations on any issue coming from Prime Minister Keith Rowley and his Cabinet anymore?

Robinson-Regis’s feeble efforts to cast the blame onto the Peoples Partnership (PP)…

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