Let’s fully reclaim our African identity, overcome imperialism :: Kenya

Not many Kenyans know I was once upon a time named Robert. That’s until I killed him. It’s been several decades since I murdered in cold blood – and without a tinge of remorse – the fellow once known as Robert Mutua. I am making this public confession now because I am tired of keeping it secret in my bosom. I want to free myself of my Catholic guilt. I want to tell my truth – and inspire others to unburden themselves. This is the final act in which I finally and fully reclaim my African identity. It’s closure – and triumph over the demons of imperialism. I want to echo Thabo Mbeki’s 1996 iconic speech – I am an African.

I know – in fact I am sure – not everyone will agree with me. But I don’t care. That’s because too many Africans don’t know who they are, and…

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