Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry: “Higher Than Moses” (The Interview)

Lee Scratch Perry performs at the Dub Club in Los Angeles | Courtesy of Stephen A. Cooper

By Stephen A. Cooper

LOS ANGELES, USA — My reggae sixth sense told me it’d be a good idea to buy an extra Rasta-colored ring on the off-chance legendary Jamaican music producer Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry might return to Los Angeles; ever since meeting “The Upsetter” last November, I’d been itching to continue our conversation.

So I was thrilled when I learned Perry’d be in town again – this time to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of his “Blackboard Jungle Dub,” the first dub album ever – and even more ecstatic when Perry, who was in a gregarious and expansive mood, smiled warmly at me and immediately put on the beaded ring I sheepishly handed him, just like when I…

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